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About Tal Beck

Since opening her maiden store on Dizengof Street in Tel Aviv more than ten years ago, Tal Beck has devoted herself to design: first & foremost, in the world of fashion... but also as a creator of interior, architectural spaces. Today, with five locations throughout israel, Tal continues producing clothes that are contemporary, comfortable, clean-lined and feminine. Her carefully-selected, high-quality fabrics are cut in a way that emphasizes, celebrates and flatters the female form at all ages (while smoothing-out its imperfections, if any).

While each article of clothing is designed to stand on its own, it can also be readily combined with a variety of others; as such, the wearer is invited to create her own unique look and style, and to complete the "total package" by choosing from the wide assortment of imported "add-ons" found in all Tal Beck stores: handbags, footwear, jewelry, stockings, hair accessories and the like.

In recent years, Tal has broadened her creative endeavor by completing the interior-design/architencural curriculum at "The Escola Design School" in Tel Aviv and undertaking several commissions in the field.